My game is about a bee going on a quest to pollinate and keep the crops and human population going. He travels throughout lands learning about flowers along the way. The bee needs to keep pollinating the flowers and crops because herbivores can't eat otherwise so carnivores can't eat then humans can't eat so the whole food chain becomes corrupted, so bee have to wake up every day and pollinate the flowers. This game can get very challenging but at the same time it teaches you what bees do for us every day so we can really appreciate them and even though little, but hard things they do and significantly affect humanity. The game is done in an arcade/ cartoon graphic settings which makes it looks very interesting. The main aim of the game is to collect enough pollen in a time limit so you can keep humanity going even though they hurt you, chase you, kill your friends, trap your peers, torture your friends and beat them! It is also a cute version of what a bee would do in its everyday life e.g. collecting pollen and keeping plant-life and humanity alive, this is done in a time limit. So you have to fight through all of this and still help humans survive because humans take bees for granted every day and don't realise that if it wasn't for bees most of us would have been dead. The way the game works is that the timer goes down and you have to collect the pollen in time. 

This is my entry into the BAFTA YGD 2019 competition


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